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Astoria Laundry is Eco-Friendly

We realize that protecting the environment requires an effort by as many people as possible. We try our best to do our part, and through our services allow you to do your part too.Eco Friendly Laundry

Our washing machines are the latest, most efficient, Energy Star™ and CEE™ rated washing machines that use 50% less water and electricity. This leads to less electricity and energy being used per wash cycle.

We use the latest in dryers with the reputation as the best performing and most efficient dryers in the industry. Our dryers deliver maximum energy efficiency and superior drying speed by balancing heat input, tumble speed, air recirculation, and airflow.

We always encourage hang drying and line drying. This not only saves energy, but is better for your garments.

We use instant hot water heaters instead of boilers to heat water. Instant hot water heaters provide hot water on demand and avoid the wasteful process of constantly reheating water.

All the lighting fixtures in the store have been changed to the latest energy saving type. These same lights operate based on occupancy; they turn on and off whether there are people present.

Just like the rest of our store, our bathroom is eco-friendly as well. Our Water Saving Dual Flush High Efficiency Toilet (HET) saves 45 gallons of water per day more than regular toilets, and our faucet has recently been changed to one which gives out less water per minute.

Our facility is created in a way that allows for proper ventilation using the most efficient Energy Star™ fans. These fans allow us to stay cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter without being wasteful. Air conditioning is used only when absolutely necessary.

We are devoted to an environmentally friendly lifestyle. We hope that you join us to ensure that our environment will be there for future generations.

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